blunom city

The blunom city is a light and robust rollator which is perfectly suited for city use. Easy to fold, it can be transported effortlessly inside the trunk of your car. The design of the frame makes it easy to use in public transportation while the comfortable seat allows you to rest anytime, anywhere.


Our high quality accessories ensure that you can use your blunom city with even more comfort and ease.

Cane holder  
Umbrella with support  
Travel bag for the rollator  
Bag with zipper  
One hand brake  
PU wheels  

blunom city accessories information sheet

Main features

  classic medium large carbon
Colors charcoal, beige, mokka, black, red
Weight of the rollator (kg) 6.8 6.8 7.9 6.2
Handles height (cm) 74-102 66-86 74-102 74-102
Seat height (cm) 62 55 62 62
Seat width (cm) 46 46 55 46
Maximum total load (kg) 150 150 200 150

blunom city product information sheet


blunom city carbon

The blunom city carbon is probably the best rollator currently available. It has all the advantages of the blunom city in aluminum, but thanks to its carbon fiber frame it is lighter, better balanced and even more beautiful!

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